I have a Guild guitar that has the typical fret grooves, not bad but are creating buzz. Is there a rule of thumb as to replacement vs filing them down a bit?

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If the grooved frets have been singled-out as the sole cause of the buzz, it's time.  If the overall wear on the frets (up & down the board) isn't that bad, you could consider a partial refret.  

I run-across this a lot... most of the guitars I work on have lots of wear in the "cowboy-chord" positions (typically the first 5 frets) but negligible elsewhere, so a partial refret works well... particularly for their pocketbooks.

Jerry, a partial refret is almost always a better solution than a mill/recrown, unless the frets were really tall to begin with. Remember, everything needs to be filed down to the lowest point of the deepest groove. Often that just doesn't leave enough fret height for good playability. 

Yup, what Mike and Greg said. . .

Thanks guys, a 5 fret replacement job will be done!

I usually go a couple past what looks worn. I find when I dress there is more wear than I could see ....although that might be age related.

I actually can't remember the last fret mill I did because of divots. All in the last few years have gotten cowboy refrets, sometimes up to the 8th fret.

I do strings-on leveling, which allows me to remove the least amount of fret metal possible; unless divots are really severe, I'll

level & recrown.

I've leveled and re_crowned no problems.could be just personal preference


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