Who is responsible for replacement Cost when a banjo head breaks During tightining ?-- Repair Shop or Banjo owner?

As part of a set up on a used on a less expensive Fender banjo I tightened the Remo head. I used my US made inch-pounds torque wrench. I proceeded slowly form the initial readings of near zero. My goal was 12-13 inch-pounds. I got it at/near 10 inch pounds and left it over-night. The next day the readings had dropped to 5-7.5 inch pounds and I resumed tightening.Again, proceeding slowly. I got it back to 10 inch-pounds with no sounds of concern. To my ear it still was not near an A. I left it for a few minutes and while it was just sitting that horrible sound occurred.On inspection I could see the head had split at the usual place, where it goes into the rim. I have yet to dissable the banjo so I don't know if there is a sharp edge/or other cause for the head splitting. In my mind and my heart I know I did nothing wrong. So, form my standpoint I should not have to absorb the cost of a new head and installation. But, from the standpoint of the owner the cost of installing a new head was not expected. (Nor did I even mention this as a possible additional cost above the estimate for the set up.)
   In my many years in business I have not had this happen before. Have any of you? What did you do?

  Even if you have not had this occur what is your opinion and why?
Ed Taublieb
The String Shoppe Est. 1966

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A general rule of thumb that I use - for cost and time estimates as well as something like this -- under promise and over deliver. Your reputation is your MOST valuable asset - even more so than your skills, and we try to bend over backwards (at my age this is difficult) to protect the reputation.


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