Working with Cardinal LuthierLac and it's vinyl sealer for the first time.

I have a classical guitar body I just filled the grain on, and I want to seal it with the cardinal Vinyl sealer. To protect it mainly, as I work on the neck, as it will be some weeks (month ?) before I'll have the neck done, filled and ready for sealer. Will this be ok , adhesion wise for the next coat going on , to have it sit for a month in between the first vinyl sealer coat and what may come after ( either another vinyl coat or Nitro lacquer?. Would a light scuffing up of things allow this to be a viable plan for me, or am I better off just leaving it dry and start in earnest when time allows me to start and finish the whole thing as is usual?


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Disclosure: never used that brand.

However, if the components of the product are comparable to other vinyl sealers and nitro lacquers, you should be fine going right to nitro, provided the surface doesnt get contaminated in that time. Before respraying, Id wipe it all down thoroughly with naphtha, give it a thorough scuff sand, then clean off all the dust and wipe it down with naphtha again. Then lay down a wet coat of nitro to make sure it bites. You could start with another vinyl sealer coat to be safe, but you dont want too many coats of that or youll have an adhesion issue of a different sort.

Personally, Id just put it in a clean cardboard box and do the whole prep and finishing process all at once, so as not to confuse things or lose my place.

Ditto.  Seal and finish all at the same time.

Thank you for your help ! I will wait.


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