Yamaha FG-230 red label -- Need help with matching stain for the sides and back.

For your consideration............................

I have 3 Japanese made Yamaha FG-230's that I'm doing neck resets on and they will all need to have the sides and back where the stain and finish is worn through touched up. One is far worse than the other two, so it will be my first attempt. I have very little experience with staining and previous hand applied attempts to practice pieces have had mixed results.  This will be my first attempt on a better guitar.

Does anyone have any hands on experience they can share of working on this model and can recommend a stain, or a mixture to replicate the color?   

I do not have spray equipment other than an air brush with no experience using it.

Thanks in advance.

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This book will give you all the info you need sans experience.

It may be available at your local public library.

As an aside, all red label MIJ vintage Yamaha acoustic owners I know or have had as customers consider ever nick, ding, gouge and finish flaw encountered in the instrument’s life as a badge of honor and honorable provenance.

Best of luck with your education and gaining valuable and needed experience.

Paul, thank you for that insight.  I have the original printing and just retrieved it back from a friend.  Doesn't have the color chart upgrade. 

But I've been able to look at the site and see the color chart they prominently show in the information.   Also read what the different amounts of stain to + or -  concentrations to get some different shades.  So as I re-read volume 1 and  mix in that last little bit, then off to some experimenting.  All on cadaver pieces first.

If anyone has a base color stain for a Yamaha  I should start from, pass it on. Or a starting point for the traditional Gibson acoustic body stain.

My mind is a sponge, give me some ideas.


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