Hello, hope everyone is keeping safe & well.

I have a Guild Starfire 1V 12string, 3 years old with a set, three piece (reinforced) neck.

I have recently re-strung the guitar from Ernie Ball 09-46  to a slightly heavier Rotosound 10-48, which I do prefer. I have tweaked the truss rod slightly (1/4 -1/3 turn) to compensate.  The relief is perfect, as is the intonation and tuning stability. The guitar plays fine and (to my ears), sounds better too; all the results I was looking for!

My only worry is the increased string tension, that has gone from 97.7Kg to 123.68Kg, (calculated with Stewmac's online string tension calculator).

I want to keep the guitar at concert (A440) pitch, but also, I do not want to risk any potential damage to the guitar, so my question is..............

Is a string tension of 123Kg. within the the acceptable parameters of a well constructed & very sturdy 12 string?

I have contacted Guild (Cordoba Music) regarding this, but meanwhile, I have had some excellent advice here before and I truly respect and value your opinions........any thoughts would be greatly appreciated !

Thank you.........Brian

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Just as an anecdote. My neighbor who plays 3 chord folk songs on a Gibson B45-12 keeps his guitar tuned down one full step and plays it with a capo on the second fret. Someone taught him this near the time he bought it new. The mid 60s guitar is in great shape both top and neck angle.

That gauge of strings should cause no temporary or permanent performance issues to your Guild Starfire XII. 
The guitar is designed and manufactured to easily accommodate a set of .010’s.  
Enjoy that beautiful 12-string and best of luck. 

Thank you both, much appreciated.


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