I am finally getting back into repairing this EM-150 that had been sat upon. The neck is cracked and had a ski-slope bow in it. The end of truss rod snapped off, so I'm replacing it. Does anybody know where the anchor end of the truss rod is located and what type it is? I've started cutting the filler strip out but only want to do minimal excavating. The neck has two 7/16" dimples drilled 4-3/8" apart. I'm digging from the tailpiece end but haven't hit truss rod yet. I'm hoping to find the anchor end and pull the rod out leaving the majority of the original filler strip. The stew-mac rod is too long and too thick, so I'm thinking I'll have to fabricate one from drill rod.

The fingerboard binding appears to have the nib-style binding. It needs re-fretting so I'm hoping that the nib-style was the original, so I'd prefer to do that while fingerboard is off. Does anybody know for sure if the nib-style is correct?

I'm also replacing the buttons on the original Kluson tuners. The import tuners that have been installed look really crappy. The buttons I bought are slightly oversized for a mandolin, but they will work OK. This poor old mandolin needs lots of TLC.The owner's daddy bought it for her in the late 50's and it has been broken for 25 or so years. It had some really bad "repair" work at the time of the injury.

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OK, I  called Randy Wood and he advised me how to remove the truss rod. I had to remove the neck. The truss rod is anchored in a well in the dovetail. I drove the old rod out using a fine chainsaw tile until I could get it in the vise and hammer the neck off. The rod is 9/64" with a formed button head on the anchor end. I need to find a piece of 9/64" steel and thread it at both ends. Does anyone have an idea on what type of steel: air-hardened, oil or water-hardened drill rod...stainless steel..or what?

8-32 threads. I ordered a piece of water-hardened drill rod 9/64" and will thread both ends and peen a nut on to make an anchor. I will have to drive the new rod in from the heel end, hoping it will follow the curve of the channel. Kind of a stupid truss-rod design if you ask me.


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