I've had this one sitting in the closet for several years and it's time for it to hit the bench. When I got it there were two non original pickguards installed (bad attempt at an Everly Brothers clone) and one missing kicker brace (due to a hit to the treble side). Also a crack on the same side and a jack hole added which contributed to further cracking. The side cracks and jack hole are standard repairs but the issue that has confounded me is the glue used to adhere the pickguards. It looks like some sort of paste epoxy (JB Weld maybe?). Does anyone have any suggestions for removing this stuff? You may notice the ugly filler that was applied to the top under the pickguard area as well. My plan is to route out this area and apply a thin skin of matching spruce as this falls under the guard and should be invisible when the new guard is installed. The amateurish attempts at touch up will also be addressed and then the hard part of restoring the finish. Recipes welcome.

BTW, happy Thanksgiving to all.

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Just received my new Lee Valley catalog the other day. I'll check it out. Not too late yet. Thanks for the tip. I've been needing a solution to the small hole issue for a while. Happy New Year my friend.


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