Hello everybody,

I have had a customer reclaim an old Hofner Club60 out of a skip/dumpster for free, and they've brought it to me to hopefully resurrect it.

Unfortunately, the Truss Rod has been damaged and the last few 2 or 3 mm's of it have been broken off and there is no nut! The neck isn't too bad at all so if I can gain a bit of control I think it will be worth saving, as he doesn't want to spend a fortune on it.

Does anybody know what size of nut to use on these old 60's Höfners? It's roughly 5mm in diameter but I'm unsure if its metric or imperial.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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I thought that those old Hofner necks were truss rod free. Could you try a nut off an old Gibson truss rod? Would they would be Imperial rather than metric?

Hi Ron,
I believe the early ones were Truss Rod free, and in 1960 they were introduced! I had the same thought about the Gibson nut but no luck there unfortunately. Apparently Germany were using the metric system much earlier than the 60's but i can't get a 5mm nut on either. Thanks for the reply. Cheers

Did some digging-around and found this...

They don't give an exact size but (in a different chatroom discussion) it's acknowledged to be metric. One contributor says he determined the size was 4mm, although the wrench had the number '5' stamped on the side?!

At least it may be a start.... best of luck!

Thanks Mike,
Very much appreciated!

My early 60s Hofner jazz box requiers a 6 mm wrench (see picture), and my 66 or 67 Hofner Club needs a 7 mm wrench. I cannot tell about the threads, but everything German use to be metric.

Thanks Bob


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