I've been asked to make repairs on this Tama TG-120, a good(high?) quality Martin copy. Another guitar left in it's case, in a closet, for years, unplayed. it will need a neck reset, among other issues. Has anyone had experience with these, and can say if it's a standard dovetail joint, that separates (relatively) easily, i.e. steam(or now, Stewmac's Heat Stick)?

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Pretty tidy job cutting the neck off Dave. Looks like you will have almost no touch up to the finish surrounding the neck heel. Must have been a very thin blade with no, or almost no tooth set. Appears as though you did most of the cutting from the top down and bottom up? Hope the neck heel worked as well as what I see in the image you posted. The hard part is done!

Hi Paul, yes, I used a thin blade(.010"), no-back saw, with no set. I worked it from all angles, and, with that truss rod channel in the way, it would not have been possible without my previously having removed the fingerboard extension. The neck heel is ok, but some wood loss (from the face of the neck heel)was inevitable.

Those dowels look like a good guide for your bolts and inserts.


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