If Frank says it's ok to post pretty pictures, I would love to see on-going and latest finished instruments here.

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Well Ned I tryed the scalloped bracing on another one before and it realy sounded good but the problem with it was the back arch whent flat on me so this time I thought I would try lamitating the braces but the same thing has happend to this one so I am going to take the back off and put other bracing in it. I wish I new the answer why they go flat as it don't happen until you get it together.I had the back of this one sitting on the bench for two months before I put it together and it was fine until after I put it together.It has me baffled .I had even made  the arch on my jig deeper to see if that would make it stay arched but no luck. I guess it's just one of those things that don't wan't to work out .Thanks for the interest Bill............ 

That's too bad, Bill. I really like the way it looks. 

Just a shot in the dark but could it be that tension on the front of the body pulls the back flat?  It might be interesting (and expensive) to try laminating a spruce/graphite brace that is scalloped to see how it works out.  

Beautiful guitar Bill.  Your pearl inlay work strikes a wonderfully balanced medium between high grade utility and high class wow factor with a lean toward the high class. Again, it's simply beautiful (-:

Thanks Pual I inlay all my guitars about the same. Bill...............

Nice looking guitar, Rick. How does it play?

Plays really well, has really good bass range but still bright.

Hi Rick.

The Walnut against the RW looks very, very  nice.  Good call!

when its done i am building a double neck custom Les paul i will post pics of it when its completed,

Ian Supplee


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