I've always wanted my 335 headstock bound and I'd like to learn the binding process itself. Would it be possible to add some binding to a headstock? Or am I going to be causing myself wayyyy too much of a hassle over something that isn't totally wortrh it in the end? My headstock as it looks now is attached below.

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No reason it can't be done, just need a dremel or a gramil.  IMO, yes more hassle than it is worth. 

Hi Pete.

Like Glen said, yes, it can be done.  It's an advanced technique.

But here's my most important bit of advice: DON'T use your 335 as a guinea pig.

It hasn't been restated in posts for several months, but PRACTICE on inexpensive yard sale carcasses. Then, after 15-20 binding exercises, you'll gain the skills you need to do work that compliments the overall quality of the instrument. Your ultimate goal is to duplicate the skills of the crafts-folk at Gibson.

NOTHING is more disheartening than to see a 'quality' instrument that has 'newbie/amateur' quality aftermarket appointments.

I encourage you to expand your craft talents, however, it's akin to 'a sin' to corrupt an otherwise nice and valuable instrument.

Have a great one,


I wouldn't do it....  335's are too nice an ax to rethinking the cosmetics and risking the instrument in the process.

I would take Pauls advice and learn on an old junker as the Gibson is to difficult  to do around the open book end of the head,It takes a lot of practice at best to make a nice job of it  Good luck . Bill...........

You might start on a cheap guitar kit perhaps something like this:

Besides the fact that I don't want to use my 335 to learn the binding process on, after really looking at it I decided it just wouldn't look good. A 335 headstock is so classic in its own way.

Thanks for all the advice from everybody, as always.


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