I ran across this today. Looks like the panacea for feather boards and other guides. Found a lot of positive reviews.

Here is a video of some of the attachments. Of special interest here might be the resawing tool at 4.08.


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I discovered these a year or so ago. It's on my "nice to have but I don't really need" list. Trouble is my router table is composite and my bandsaw table is aluminum. I could still find use on the drill press and sander.

I sent a link to FF who agrees it's a darn clever idea, but I don't think he has gotten any either.

'tis indeed.  On/off magnets have been a mainstay of the machining world, whether employed as dial indicator bases or magnetic chucks.

No, I haven't actually used the Magswitch ones, but I have used a makeshift similar thing - it's one of those magnetic tool/knife holders.   Dump it upside down on a steel table and it makes a nice lightweight fence.  Here I'm setting the angle for repetitive sanding on the ends of a bunch of strips:

IN this application, it's a simple guide that doesn't need to take much of a load.

Thanks for sharing this.  I am seeing a use to make an adjustable fence for my spindle sander, among other things.  I just went around all of my standing tools to see how many have ferrous tables - bandsaw (tick), spindle sander (tick), planer (tick), table saw (NO - bugger!), router table (tick).  OK - I guess I am sold.    


The best price I found for the starter package was at Home Depot. I intend to pick one up the next time I'm in the HD neighborhood. I could have really used this the other day when I was cutting some small octagons on the table saw. Clamps holding the cauls I used got in the way.


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