I have a Gibson Songbird that is in because of the neck angle...This one is the opposite of most reset problems , so the saddle is too tall and tipping over , and it still wasn't high enough...I could reset the neck , or plane the fingerboard and refret it to get it in the ballpark...OR...If I made a new bridge that was 3/8 thick , Maybe a tad thicker , I could get the proper saddle height...What would be the negatives of a bridge that thick ?..I'm always looking for the least invasive option..

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Hi, I would consider a 3/8" bridge, but also keep in mind the weight/mass of the new bridge so as not to kill the responsiveness of the top.

Just a thought.


That was my only real concern...

Trevor Gore advocates making a bridge as a wood and carbon fiber sandwich, so that it is strong and stiff, but lighter.  It would also allow you to use a less heavy wood than ebony or rosewood, but still achieve the same stiffness (maybe walnut, cherry or blackwood/koa - depending on what you have to hand).  Then you can dye it black or ebonize it. 


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