A kid I know (the son of a good friend) had his fairly new Fender flattop wrecked at a scouts camp last summer. They have had insurance money for it and he is getting a new guitar. He showed me the wreck and said he was going to put it up on the wall as a memory, but I talked him into giving me a shot of making it playable again, and still be possible to use as wallhanger memory.
I thought it had quite a promising breakage, with plenty of wood to give a strong joint. I glued it with hot hide glue. What do You guys think of this, will it hold? From what I have read, a joint like this is as strong or even stronger than the surrounding wood if done correctly...

At his request I didn´t do any finish work exceptcleaning excessive glue.
It has now been stringed up during two days and seems OK.


Pictures before:



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That looks pretty good to me, Magnus. The head seems to have broken without too much loss of wood (excepting the face plate ) and It looks like you got a decent alignment and a tight joint when you glued it up.

Yes, I think I got it together with a good fit. You can hardly feel the crack on the backside. It´s allways a timewindow of stress to get the pieces in position and tighten it without any sliding surfaces before the glue starts to gel. For me this was good practice, on a relatively cheap instrument, otherwise considered as lost by its owner.

fender flat tops make great firew00d.and little music.
Nice fit, Magnus
Hi Danove!

I may show more of this at Ackefora.....

good looking fix i put on new head caps last to improve the looks and some times a back cap ?

I would probably do that on one of my own andmost certainly on a repair job for a paying customer, but this kid actually wanted the repair to be visible.

I bought a Taylor 412 for cheap from CL a while ago and did very similar work...under the tutelage of Frank F. and Steve S. at Gryphon...if you are interested in it, I documented the
I've fixed a few of these cheap Fender acoustics with similar brakes. I think they're called CD-60's? Anyway.. I've had good luck doing just what you've done. Good enough for a cheap, quick fix... and they've all held up for a couple years now.
CD60:s Yes...

Isn't there a guy on Ebay selling these in lot of 4 for repairs or parts?



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