Got a trade secrets video in my email from Stew-Mac today showing Dan repairing a nasty headstock break with Titebond Hide Glue.

I thought that stuff was universally panned by the luthiery community for guitar repair or construction. 

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He did point out the limitations, tested the bottle even though it wasn't expired, and heated it up so it would flow better. I did feel like he needed that headstock jig so many folks have been building lately.

I agree about the headstock repair jig. I sure would like to see the good people at Stew-Mac selling a jig similar to Frank Fords' design or David Collins'.

And….Stew-Mac, if your listening, I would like said jig to be in the $200 range ;)

I don't use this stuff because it has such a short shelf life and its not really all that cheap. I look at it in the stores and the freshest they got usually expires next month. If it could be made to last, I might use it for some things.  I think we worry to much about what the " luthiery community " thinks.  (I do worry a little about it )


Not sure if "worry" comes to mind.....However, I generally take their advice,.....Jes' me...I'am sayin' you do, Steve

I agree.....worry was a bad choice of words.....For some reason i keep thinking about my friend Dave Plummer (RIP Dave) and his pinless bridges....

off his fret rocker?


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