I bought a  danelectro 59 guitar (maybe second hand, but they told me it was new) it has the problem the 3 positions switch doesn´t work (its off) at the neck position, the pick ups work , the volume in the middle position is louder than the bridge. It seems a wiring  issue when they treted to fix a ground issue they told me it has before sold me

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Someone here may have the answer right off the bat, but this may not be the best venue for electric guitar wiring questions. Here's a good Facebook group (among many others) that might be better suited for the question at hand... good luck :)

there seems to be no pickup connected to one side of the switch , should be a pickup soldered to each end , and the output from the centre terminal . When I say pickup , it could be the output from a pot .

There are a bunch of Danelectro schematics around, but I can't vouch for any. I've attached one. 

The reason the middle position is louder is because the pick ups are in series (a danelectro trait). 

I would try to get the factory wiring to work. If that fails (or you don't like it) you can convert to a more typical, Gibson style wiring. I have a reissue longhorn that a installed a 6 way switch (from Stew Mac) going into master volume and tone. Still not a Jazz Bass, but not bad. No one could pay me enough to install that switch again.


thank you very much!

Yes , it seems that, but I connected the red cable to the other side and it diddn´t work, may that is because of a ground issue , I´ll try to make a blueprint in paper to check the conneections

Sorry to be late to the party but, having just posted a question myself and reading the forum, I came across your post and hope this may help.

I have a Dano '59 12 string that had dodgy connection a couple of years ago so before re-soldering everything I made a note of the connections. This has proved helpful to someone else recently, so if you've not got it sorted yet, I hope it may help you also.




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