I had a Godin A12 dropped off with a request for a walrus tusk (it's legal and available in Canada) 12 string saddle individually compensated and the low string set lower in the saddle to match the high strings height. Taylor offers this. The extra wrinkle in the job is that he wanted it strung like a Rickenbacker low strung on top. 

I've got it almost done now but I want to know if anyone else has had this request and how they went about it. 

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Nice work, but man I hate 12 strings :)

How did you arrive at the individual compensations?

The original saddle was compensated I used it as a reference to start with. This is the second saddle i made, the first one was  the guinea pig. 

Thanks for sharing this very interesting job!
This saddle should be a tad broader than ohne for
a six-string guitar to have room for the different
top points. How thick have you made this one?
It looks like you are using a saw vice. Very cool.


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