I'm working on a guitar that has very flimsy economy tuners. Most of them have a very big gap between the plate and the gear so the shaft wobbles. Apparently these plates are either too thin or the shafts were machined impoperly. I was thinkin of putting a sheet aluminium washer under the gear to act as a thrust washer and put some loctite on the threads for extra insurance. Any advice? Effectively my method would work, but I was wondering what are your solution to this problem. It's a budget repair so new tuners are not an option, at least for now.


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I think your repair idea is a good one.  I don't know how things are in Slovenia, but we don't fix such tuners here because replacements are so inexpensive and easily available - some for under $10 US. 

Thank you, Frank. And if you're the one Frank Ford I'm thinking about, thank you very very much for any of your information and experience you've put online so everyone can just click and grab your ideas. I really don't know how to be thankful enough :)

Well the thing is this that yes, choices are fairly limited in Slovenia, altough I'd probably find some tuners in a matter of day or so, but I'm afraid they'd be inferior too. Plus I need to finish this guitar tomorrow. Thanks for encouragment, seems like all those years spending my free time as a hobby car mechanic and an 'engineer' finally paid off :)

For the record, Tadej, that IS the Frank Ford you are thinking about.


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