I've been helping a couple of budding electronics technicians with some amp building issues and one thing I resently sent them is a series of Excel spreadsheets that help with general electronics calculations.  But there is also some information of equally tempered scales and other stuff.  For any of you who wind up having to do some electronics work the spread sheet will allow easy calculation of Ohm's and Kirschoff's law functions as well as capactive reactance which affects frequency cutoff and such of tone controls.  The only thing that's realy missing is a good speaker radiation area and db function as well as speaker impedance peak calculations.


I hope this proves helpful for those familiar with spreadsheets.



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how do i use this again ?can you explain in much simpler detail please you just made my brain hurt .

First you've got to have a copy of Excel on your computer - if not you can't use the spreadsheet as this is the program I created it in. While there were several excellent (pun intended) other spreadsheet programs years ago Excel has for Windows machines dominated the market for at least 10 years so that's what I've got. The version is the 2002 one if I remember correctly and I don't think it's back-compatible with the earlier versions (not that there are that many still around).

First you've got to download the file to whatever directory you wish, such as your desktop (I'd make a specific electronics directory but that's me) and the with Excel loaded click on "file" and then go the the directory and them the file I provided. From there it's matter of choosing the specific sheet.

The computer I'm on has the 2007 version of Excel and it's totally different. From this one you click on the multicolored button in the upper right corner and then scroll down to "open" then from there choose the folder (I used the word directory earlier - sorry, I learned during DOS days and they're now called "folders").

The main sheet is called "Gen. Electronics" but there are also: Wire Gauge Calc; Metric Conv,; Plate Load Calc. (output tube plate dissipation calculations); Color Codes (tube wiring color codes); Tempering Ratios (ratios between musical notes for equal temperament); Note Frequency (the frequency of musical notes); guitar;bass; Flute (the note frequency ranges for these instruments - I play flute also); and Acoustics Bax-Stack (information for calculating Baxandall/Edwards type tone controls such as used on Ampeg amps and HiFi amps). So, hopefull there should be something of interest especially the Gen, Electronics sheet. Oh, and if you have any interest in calculating tone controls google "Duncan's" website and download his tone control calculator program which is a stand alone piece of freeware for Fender, Vox, etc. tone controls.

Hope this helps - but you need Excel although I believe that Mac's can convert these programs once you've downloaded them but I'm "Mac-ignorant."



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