Does anybody have a factory schematic for a 1954 Gibson EM-150 mandolin?

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Having been properly chastised for not being helpful, here is a Gibson schematic of appropriate vintage for a single p/u instrument. This shows one of the legs of the cap going from the volume control to the tone control. In instruments that require fishing the harness into place, I prefer to ground the cap to the case of the tone control,



Thanks so much. This currently has two 250K pots and a 6PS-520 +/- 10%. .02@600DC capacitor going from the right leg of the tone pot to the left leg of the volume pot. humbucker pickup. I'm not an electric guy, so I'll have to tread lightly, even of this is a simple circuit. Thanks again!

Bob, are you certain it is a humbucking pick-up? These things usually had a P-90 or Charlie Christian (older). It is possible 250K pots were used here to take a bit of the high end off, this being a mandolin and all.


If the harness works properly and seems strong enough to hold up to installation, I would use it as is. You might do well to clean any rust off the output jack. A small cylinder of sandpaper twirled through the sleeve might save you some head scratching later.



Sorry, It's a P-90.  It's a mess.

It's a simple 1v/1t setup.  The capacitor is NOT original. This harness has been "worked on".

A LP Jr. schematic will be correct for your job. Be very careful handling the pickup.

Best of luck :-)



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