I'm designing the plans for a semi hollow guitar and a bass based on Gibson's 335.
I'd appriciate if someone help me with some pictures of the inside. I know it has a solid block, but i'd like to see a picture or a plan.
I'm thinking the bass will be 30 inch scale. what do you think?
Greetings from Bolivia!

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This might help.



It helps a lot! so the solid bloks are just the tail block and the other that works as headblock right? (the ones I marked red)

Thnak you very much Michael!

The block in a 335 runs the entire length of the body. The original 335s had minimal pick-up cavities and had to be wired through the f holes. Gibson modified the block pretty quickly so the controls could be inserted through the bridge pick up cavity. I'm pretty certain the first 335s had solid maple blocks whereas later ones had spruce filler between the block and the top.


Try to find the video of the Gibson promo for the reproduction Clapton 335. It was surprisingly detailed.


If I were building one of these from scratch, I'd design the f holes so the pots can easily fit through the center (like Ibanez does). Or put a plate on the back, like Gibson does with the non F hole models.

Premier guitar factory tour - some great shots from the Memphis factory for the 335, starting at seven minutes in:

What's interesting to me is the bracing between the top and the center block, I never realized before that's what they do....


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