I have a chance to buy a Taylor Baby guitar for cheap.

Problem is, the top has separated from the body (see pics).

Is this an expensive or low-priced repair?

Thank you.

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Note, the seller claims the following:

"the wood separated at the bottom of the body due to humidity"

Well as any repair of that sort, the cost would depend on a previous evaluation and on the luthier who takes the task. In the pictures the breaks look pretty clean. Sort of an easy repair. But i couldn't give a price especially since i'm out of the states.. Probably between $100-$200 usd. Maybe more. 


 This is a "self" repair. It's time for you to start thinking about doing some repairs for yourself. You've been around here long enough to have an idea of whats going on and this repair is pretty straight forward IF you actually want a Baby AND If you get a good price.

If you can get your hands on it directly, You should look it over very carefully for other possible problems with glue joints. If it's as dried out as the owner says it is, There may be other issues that are not pictured.

BTW call the seller and tell them to take the string off of the guitar before they completely wreck it.

I would prefer a Taylor GS Mini

but I cannot afford one.

The guy is asking $60 for the guitar.

Only $60?  Take it and run. If you can fix it yourself, you'll not only get some great experience with a (seemingly) easy repair but a nice little guitar when it's all said & done.

Ned's right... tell the guy to take the stings off ASAP. 

Take Ned knepps advice.
This is good advice.
That happened to my big baby as well. Interestingly enough, there's no kerfing inside these guitars, so I'd imagine it's a common problem.

It is a common problem.  It happened to my Big Baby.  No kerfing and no binding - it is a wonder that they stay together at all!.  It is an easy fix and you can DIY.  Titebond or similar glue and some clamps.  Clean up the squeeze-out on the outside with a damp cloth and it will leave the matt finish quite clean.  Any squeeze-out inside will be invisible.  It will be good as new. 


Thanks Mark, and others.

Looks like it sold, the ad is gone.

I just missed it.

Sorry to hear that.

The Big Babys give you an incredible bang for your buck. I paid $120 for mine, the previous owner had installed a K&K Pure Mini. Sure, I had to reglue the top once, and it's due for a refret soon, but I can do all of that myself. Quite the work horse.

I have one in the shop now with the back party off.  The owner refers to it as his "flap-back Taylor".  There are linings part way around the lower bout, but that's all.  I'm considering adding linings to the rest of the back.


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