I've been working on a 1950s Gibson 160 E that had serious damage around the bridge.  I replaced the damaged spruce bridge plate with a maple one and was re-using the original bridge when in the process of installing the inserts, one of the adjusting screws broke. I was able to remove the insert and get the broken screw part out, but now I need to try to locate a replacement screw. I can only imagine that this will be extremely hard to find. I'm thinking my best bet is to find one in some one parts pile. If any of you have removed one of these adjustable bridges in the past, I'd be glad to buy one of the off you.  

Here's what I'm looking for.  

Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_6421.JPG  Views: 0  Size: 114.0 KB  ID: 158972  Click image for larger version.  Name: IMG_6426.JPG  Views: 0  Size: 75.3 KB  ID: 158973
I'm not sure how the forum feels about  putting my email here, but you can google my name and find my contact info on my web site.  Thanks!


Chris Vallillo

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As mentioned previously, it's not my guitar or I would!  With the large sound hole, it shouldn't be that difficult a job.  I'm actually very impressed with the playability and tone of this guitar... It's not the same as my 56 J-45, but much better than I expected!  

I did take a moment a checked out the video above (had to go the Stu mac and search it out, the link didn't work) and it's a great tool! Well worth knowing about. Thanks!

Quick You Tube video of guitar:


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