I have some ivory from an old piano, want to experiment with using it to bind an ash bodied guitar. Has anyone experimented with different glues enough to have input on what might be best? I’m hoping HHG, for convenience’s sake. 

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Hide glue will work just fine. It’s what piano keys are glued down with. Have you experimented with bending it?
A bunch of 5” long binding pieces will look unusual.
Bends real easy after a little time in water. I’m not worried about unusual, but I think with scarfed ends they’ll probably come out okay. Thanks for the input!

Alternate with pieces from the black keys. That would be unusual!

Fish glue is commonly used to glue bone, pearl and metal to wood. It's stickier och not as brittle as hot hide glue.


Just found, it may be of use.


When the demand for ivory stops so too will the killing of animals for their tusks.  You might like to think of that before you advocate ( by using Ivory) for its use in our trade.  
Please note,  our business policies and personal beliefs/moral compass is firmly fixed, so do not see this post as an invitation to disagree - Animals do not have internet accounts so we are putting the case for them.   


yeah, at this point actual ivory (from any source) is just kind of "icky", i wouldn't want it on my guitars

(besides, as nut and saddle material it's like bone except softer and not as good IMO)

I agree that bone is better for nuts and saddles, and if that’s enough to make you not feel icky in today’s world I can only say that’s enviable.

Thanks for your help. I had forgotten the world is so full of people so craven as to offer judgemental scolding with their hand full of coltan.

Thanks, Mike :-)


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