The victim: '69 Hoboken D-50...the prob.: deterioration of plastic headstock's beyond hope and must be re&re'd. The main question that I have is in regards to the inlays in this plastic sheet...GUILD logo & 'Chesterfield'....can they be salvaged for re-use or am I going to have to go to CordobaGroup  the new owners,  to see if they have these available? I'm in Canada with all the limitations that entails and I am not a luthier/repairman......Thanx...Guitarelic

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Hi Keith.

Those old D-50's are some sweet instruments, especially for performing. The issue you describe is not unusual for Guild instruments of that vintage.

The issues you describe requires more than a DIY approach to repair/restore.

My best advice is to get the instrument to a qualified repair person. For them, this should be a relatively routine job. He or she could also detail the options available to you.

Understanding also that you may not have access to a qualified repairer, any further advice from this forum will require several clear photos of the headstock showing the delamination/deterioration and a clear shot of the inlays.

I'm sure some clear photos will generate many responses & options for you to consider.


Saving the inlays would be great if possible.  I used a second-best method when I repaired a 50s Hofner archtop whose G-clef plastic fascia has melted. After months of looking I found a replacement at a UK site ($150) but when I got the measurements it was the wrong size. So, I laminated a piece of ebony to the headstock, created a replica Hofner G-Clef logo on Adobe Illustrator and had a decal printed on a dye sublimation printer using gold ink. Sprayed with amber lacquer it looked pretty good. The owner was very pleased.


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