A customer called today about resetting the neck on a Starfire. Not sure at this point whether its an old one or a new one, but figured I'd like to gather some info before he brings it to me. 

I'm pretty well versed on neck resets on acoustics but have yet to do any on solid or semi-hollow body electrics.

Anyone have any knowledge or warnings on these Guilds?

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Hi John.

The first thing you'll have to determine is IF the instrument truly needs a neck reset or if it's owner has been reading 'hack forums' where discussions of resets are popular and contain horrid drivel.

It may simply need set up. I've fielded a dozen electric neck reset requests over the last 3 years and in every case, all that was needed was a simple professional setup including a fret level/recrown/polish.

Let us know once you have given it an eyes & hands on inspection and I think some resource info will be forthcoming from the membership.

Best of luck :) Those are FAB guitars.

well said paul.  those are excellent guitars!

Thanks for the info guys. 

We'll see if it winds up coming by the shop or not.


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