The narration alone is worth the price of admission.

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As is they were real instruments he says . . .

No Red Specials?

The narrator was just a wee bit judgmental and condescending, wouldn't you say?

N ope, I'd just say it was for fun. . .

LOL ... many thanks for posting this ....I missed it first time around.

You better believe that the narrator was in fact  being judgmental  ... this was 1965, and "beat music" was still anathema to the  plummy voiced English middle class, for whom the Rolling Stones were their worst nightmare.

It is worth mentioning that that English accent no longer exists ... seriously ... it is extinct, with the exception of Prince Charles and Prince Philip. The rest of the English upper/middle class however, no longer speak like that (although they do have an "upper class "accent, just not quite as mannered as the narrator's accent. ) 

That video btw was filmed in the Burns factory ...  back in the day, we all lusted after Fenders, but they were unobtainable due to the ridiculous British import  restrictions, so Burns was the only alternative.

After the import restrictions were lifted, and Fenders became available, Burns were  history. They were really nice guitars, however.

The tech is gluing on binding and purfling at :58.  It appears that the glue is drying very quickly while he moves around the body - what would the glue be?



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