Headstock repair jig that I would LOVE to get the plans for!

  •  Have a quick look at this vid. The maker is A2 Guitars,(I have no clue!) but is articulate here, gives terrific detailed description, and I am positive this person probably has a ton more jigs at his shop. I invited him to come over and post on this Forum too. I hope he joins, as people with as much instrument repair experience as this gent has, would be a welcome addition here. Anyone know whi the Gent is? 
  • A2 guitars repair jig

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Did you also get the 3/8ths plexi from lee valley?

Really nice job of crafting your jig, Kerry!

David's head stock repair jig is very heavy too so I think that it's unavoidable unless one has access to the skunkworks of course.  Enjoy!

Andrew, I bought a full 4X4 sheet  of the stuff a while back when I realized I needed some for making templates. It was , I think about $350 bucks. And the sheet weighs a ton, and when I went to cut it on my tablesaw, I needed some help to do it. I LOATH asking someone into my shop too.  It is a one man shop, and I love being able to do everything myself.

 Here is revised version. I have extended the leather covered sled the fretboard rests against,replaced the 2X4 underneath with a 2X6, and added full length Koa wood stabilizers to surround the aluminum tube.

The thing seems bulletproof now. 

Hello guys, i decided i'm going to build that jig to. I don't know if the topic came out before but, do you know how strong those destacos need to be? or what model are they? 

I've been using similar clamps from Harbor Freight Tools, and they work just fine.

5 dollars! that's awesome! I'm gonna check if the ship to where i live. Destacos here are 25 bucks the cheapest. Back to my reply, i was asking about how much pressure the clamps should excert. I guess i didn't say it right. I see those you bought are 500 pounds. 

Frank Ford, may I trouble you to post a straight on photo of your headstock clamping jig with a steel rule in the photo?

Well i finally finished my jig! Is not as good looking as yours, but i hope is just as functional. I leave you some pics. Cheers folks!

Good job, Mario!  Could you tell me the dimensions of your plexi sheet?

Hey Robbie! thanks! sure, i think is 12"x12" and 3/8" thick. I'll double check tomorrow and let you know if this is correct. 


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