A customer came in with what i now relized is a 1925 Harmony-made Mandolin how much is it worth exactly the total price?


Heres a Picture note theres no tag but i had one of these in my shop before so i knew it was a harmony. theres more pics.

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Wrong forum Ian. Check with vintage guitar dealers, not repair guys. Fixing guitars & selling guitars are two entirely different worlds .

The simple answer is: "As much as someone will give you for it."

Here's some inside info:  The vintage dealer I work for said the market has finally "adjusted" itself as evidenced at the last Arlington TX & Philadelphia Guitar Shows.  As a general rule, most values are down 50-75% from 4 years ago.  He said a whole group 1961LP SG's that went for $24,000 a few years ago were left unsold at a mere $7500.  1959 Bursts (in EC+) that were sold a few years ago for $400,000 were left unsold at the $110,000 asking price. The only instruments that were retaining their values were pre-war Martins & Loar made F-5 mandolins.

The price guide published by VG is listing fantasy prices.  Most vintage dealers are using the 2003 price guide for current values.

I've found that it's not a good thing for a repairman to quote values.  First 98% of us are not active &/or experienced vintage dealers and therefore aren't qualified to give quotes.  Secondly, if you shoot them an unrealistic estimate without checking with a network of dealers, the customer will be angry and it WILL negatively affect your reputation.

Did I mention that fixing guitars & selling guitars are two entirely different worlds?.

Good luck.

yea ya mentioned. ok thanks paul all ways appricate it.

Ian Supplee


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