Hello Luthiers,

I'm a classical guitar player. I've been thinking about building my own guitars for some time now and recently decided to get started.

I don't have any of the necessary tools/knowledge. So, my question to you all is, what advice would you give a new builder? In what direction would you point him/her?

I would like to use as many hand tools as possible, even though they require more effort/time.

Thank you for your time and knowledge!

--Louis O.

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There are several dvds and videos out there that really give you a good feel for what is entailed in guitar building. The StewMac Master Class dvd set is a wonderful set to watch - see if your library has it or can get it for you, 'cause it ain't cheap! (For that matter, see what your library has available - I've been surprised at some of the things I've found!),_DVD/Acoustic_guitar_building/A_M...



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