I have an 80s Charvel Mod 5 with a lever type locking nut; 3 levers that when closed press down on a sloped metal piece to lock the strings. Last night someone knocked over my guitar breaking one on the levers. The locking nut was added to the guitar byt the original owner. Have been searching for replacement but no luck, only the types with allen screws or just the screwa on top of nut. Does anyone know who made these locking nusts or where to get one. Thanks.


Thanks for the responses. Through a little more research, I found this is a Kahler Quick-Release Locking Nut. You were correct that Kahler no longer manufactures, apparently out of production for quite some time. Still no luck finding one, even from Kahler; but the Bill Edwards looks promising, will check it out. Found a lot of comments that people did not like the quick release. It did take a little tweaking but mine always worked great and I have had guitar for 15 yrs. I have 4 Charvels Mods 5 & 6 and they are great guitars if you can find them. Thanks again.

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I believe Kahler is the brand? Try a Google Image search to confirm.
Yes, I guess You've got a Kahler Pro locking part. Unfortunately it's a discontinued item since last year or a little bit more. You'll have to find some shop that would still have it in stock. Good news is that the std Kahler with Allen screws is compatible, still in production, and you could change for it.
A Bill Edwards Finger-Tite Locking Nut maybe ?


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