With the cost of tone woods and quality tools, I was getting discouraged about being able to afford building a guitar.


Now I'm encouraged again!!!


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That's beautiful... I wonder where that fellow and that guitar are today?  (or rather, which avatar and screen-name he's using on the site now?!)

Typically the shipping alone for the tonewood that I might source for a future build costs me about that....


I remember, fondly..., the Stew-Mac dread kit that started it all for me....  $400 and one has a nice guitar.... yeah right...;)  $400 plus $2,000 in special and not so special tools not to mention the price of moving to a new house so one can build a proper shop as well as the opportunity costs and perhaps giving up the day job too, prematurely... could be added to the tag.


I figure my first guitar cost me just over $200,000.00 - such a deal.... ;)


But I'm not complaining and sleeping on the sofa is not all that bad when you get used to it...

Did I miss the part about making and gluing on the braces and fingerboard? :  )  EDIT: Yes I did! End EDIT

This is pretty interesting though with some good information for the time period. It reminds me of a set of World Book Encyclopedia activity books my family had for the kids. They had all sorts of ideas and plans for making things in a simple way. You know, back when everybody in the USA made many of the things they needed or wanted.


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