I´m the first and the most serious luthier tools supplier in Brazil. I´m glad to share with you my catalog and I hope that all of yours post your comments about my products. My inttention is improve the quality and all comments are welcome

catalog link (sorry but this catalog still is in soon as possible I´ll create a english version)

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Don't know if my exchange rate program is working properly but if it is, the prices look pretty good. Look forward to seeing your catalogue in English!

exchange rate is 1,00 USD = R$1.80
Yes... a nice and complete assortment of specialty tools... and the prices look good at the quoted exchange rate. What about shipping costs from Brazil to the US? Let us know when the catalog's available in the english version? Good luck.
Certainly the shipping costs are higher when compared with the shipping costs in America. But I think it´s not a problem

i.e: an order with 1kg to Los Angeles/USA costs 23,00 USD and arrives in a month


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