A friend has acquired an unmarked mandolin banjo and wants to know what it is.  It looks original and all the brackets look aged and identical.  It has a replaced skin head (the logo looks fairly recent but is under the fingerboard extension.  It has an adjustment mechanism on the stick at the neck joint but it looks to be extended to its limit and action is high.  I know nothing about this type of instrument* so I'm asking here.  Here's some pictures.

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Paul, thank you for such an informative post! The Skedaddlers are great. Preserving an American musical style is a wonderful endeavor, and they do an excellent job. Your banjo mando is very nicely done! The neck and peghead , very artful. That bridge is such a choice piece. With your tonal taming I'm sure it is pleasant to listen to. Many instruments could be considered ear damaging or harsh to listen to in insensitive hands!
Firearms are also potentially dangerous, but safe if operated safely and sensibly. Perhaps owning a banjo mandolin is included in our second amendment rights!

Yes, it's the small ones that are dangerous. I had one, played on it for a while and when finished playing I realized that my hearing was numbed by the intense bright and loud sound from the thing. Took a couple of days to get back to normal. I haven't had any urge to play them after that!


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