I have been challenged to repair a Martin DXM (HPL top back and sides) after exposure to some excessive heat while under tension.  Imagine what would happen and you'll have a good mental picture of the result!

The bridge is lifting and requires removal and reattachment, but the big problem is the newly created shape of the HPL top plate.  Depressed or caved in at the sound hole and gently rising at a 10-15 degree angle beneath the bridge nicely curving through a maximum and falling to the tail thus creating a very nice belly below the bridge.

Any thoughts or experience on how to reshape an HPL top after undergoing such an event?  I should also note there are no tone bars in the lower bout and a quick look revealed a rectangular stiffening plate attached to the underside of the misshapen top, presumably in place of tone bars.  

Any experience on a repair process or knowledge of the adhesives used by Martin to attach the bridge and the stiffening plate is welcome.

Alternatively, a confirmation of flower pot or wall art status would also be welcomed.

Thanks in advance for any assistance or recommendations.

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Completed guitar - no damage to HPL due to heat.  Returned to the now happy owner who was not expecting a repair.

I offer a loud and prolonged round of applause for that performance,Sir. 

Very nicely done, when most of us would have given up and made a lampshade - personally, I thought it well suited to be an icebucket.  But now it lives on as an instrument. 


Thanks Mark for the kind words.  A starter for someone, nice action, no other issues, though not the kind of voicing I prefer.

Hello Bob, 

Thanks for posting the photos



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