Is a sigma DR2  (made in Korea) worth messing around with ? I received this as a gift. The guitar it's self is in almost brand new condition. any thoughts or advice would be greatly welcomed.


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The Sigma line were cheap copies of Martin models.  That one will have a laminated (plywood) soundboard and laminated back and sides.  You often see them being sold second hand in poor condition with bellied up tops and high action which makes them pretty much unplayable - and the laminated woods and mystery glues makes that sort of problem mostly unfixable.  Therefore, many of the 70s and 80s Sigmas you see around in Pawn shops are not worth buying.  However, if this one is in good condition and plays OK, and cost you nothing - happy days!  Laminated wood and tough finish make them pretty durable, resistant to temperature and humidity damage or cracking, good as a campfire or busking guitar.  Try to do a good setup on it to make it as playable as possible and then enjoy it.  The important questions are how is the action, how much saddle height, is the top bellied up, is the bridge separating from the top?

What sort of messing around do you have in mind?

   THANKS MARK !   My sigma is in great condition...looks almost brand new. The action is.  kinda high. I was thinking a good set-up by a pro and just wanted to know if i'm just wasting my money on it.  I've been taken before, so I don't know if that's a fair offer. I really like the looks and feel of this guitar. 

Supposedly the early models were built from copies of Martin jigs. I had a DR-7, that was supposedly built from a D-28 jig copy. All I know is it was a lovely guitar with a wonderful sound.


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