Martin under saddle transducer...Little, if any, output on high E

Got a Martin with the " rope wire " type under saddle transducer...Barely any output on the high E...The bolt on neck had been coming loose, and was compensated by grinding the saddle down to nothing...I fixed the bolt problem, made a new saddle...Still, same problem...Cut a notch in the saddle from underneath..Same thing...Then I pulled out the " rope ", and found the end in the high e side had been flattened and the copper wires looked suspect...Tried to "turn " it,,,Still no dice....Is it toast ?....I also tried some brass shims under the end that was flattened...No go..

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Those ust's (the wire rope types) drive me nuts. I don't have the fix, but can tell you I had the same basic problem with my Martin B1 bass.

After fussing for weeks, I finally ditched the ust and went with an internal (under the bridge) K&K pickup, thing that ever happened to that bass. It was comprised of two transducers but I believe the 6-string model has three. No batteries, either. Nice units. 

The problem is usually caused by low string angle over the saddle or an uneven saddle slot or saddle bottom. The saddle slot and bottom of the saddle need to be dead flat for full contact along the two surfaces. Re-set your bolt on neck angle and put a taller saddle back in it, making sure of a careful fit. There is also a case to be made here for adding string slots to your bridge, this would help immensely to even out downward string pressure across the saddle. 


It's not that....I made a dead flat saddle, ( with a notch between the B and E string to help it out some ) that was the correct height....The flat spot is under the high E and the end of the slot...
Try pushing downward on the saddle with a small dowel or the like and apply pressure next to the E string and see if you notice any improvement. If not, it may very well be toast.

What may solve the problem is cutting the saddle it 2 pieces. Take a thin kerfed saw and cut the saddle into between the 3rd and 4th string. Reinsert saddle and see what happens. Cutting the saddle will provide even pressure on the transducer.





I made a slot, almost to the top of the saddle....No dice...Toast, I think...


Why I went to soundboard transducers, 15 or so years ago...



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