I want to obtain a neck heat press device like the one in the pictures in the link. Does anyone know  where to buy one? Or, does anyone know where to find plans to build one?

Heat Press Pics:

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Does the moist towel effect the finish?

BTW, I bought one of Scott's (now deceased) aluminum presses and have had great success with it on the old truss-less Stellas/Regals etc that I work on.  Poplar seems to hold well, mahogany less so, more spotty.

Scott included a CD with all the instructions and techniques spelled out in great detail.


Would you consider sharing the CD? Or maybe selling a copy? It'd be great to learn more about the techniques used with a heat press. Thank you.

It's text only, I can upload it here when I get a minute .. Tom

I'd be most grateful if you do. Thank you!

Hello onewent - were you able to extract the text?  I would be interested in it.  It sounds very interesting. 

In the 1970's, I bought an Overholtzer heated mold.  The mold itself is heated with an element that is something like an electric charcoal starter.  It is not long enough to completely heat the extreme ends (neck and end blocks) of the side, without a very long wait, so the element should be the same length as the neck.  The separate heated waist caul uses something like a Tempco cartridge heater.   Both heating elements use a bi-metal conduction thermostat.  My guess is that one could easily make a press with a solid aluminum bar with two or three cartridge heaters/ thermostats, or a square tube and the charcoal starter type heating element/thermostat. 

I errored in the order. The damp towel is not put directly on the neck. There is a single layer towel first. And the "damp" towels aren't that wet. Just enough to add some moisture.


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