Hi All,

 I've had a few neck re-sets through the workshop recently (lucky me). I always take a photo of the join once it's apart in case I do one the same again. It's handy to know what angle/depth to drill the streaming holes.

Does anyone else do this?

Is it possible to have a gallery page on this forum to show them all? - might be a useful resource for us.

Just a thought


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Also, random pictures are only so useful. If you want something really useful, the pictures should have rulers next to the dovetail.

This would be an ideal task for Stew-Mac to take up, since they sell the tools for doing this procedure anyways. I'll blast them a email and see what happens.

Ah yes, Stewmac - top thinking Mark. Lets hope they say yes to setting it up.

And of course a ruler would be helpful, you're right.



Bart - that's nice shot of a typical Japanese 5-dowel joint.  My experience and research indicates that all Yamakis (including Yamaki-built Washburns) had the same joint.  Maybe we can compile a list of all the manufacturers who used this system?

Hi Folks

I think this is a great idea and I would really love to see it achieved.  Unfortunately, I am an amateur builder, not a repairer, so I will not be able to contribute anything much of use.  However, I think it would be a great resource. 


Excellent Docs. MrG!!

Sorry to be slow responding to this.  I agree, an archive of neck joints would be a really good addition to the info on the Web.  

I'll be glad to host it on FRETS.COM, but I haven't quite figured out the format yet.

In the meantime, I'll keep this thread at the top of the list, and people can add their own photos right here.

I was thinking that there might be a way we can individually add to the archive without one person taking responsibility/more work on. Though I'd be happy for someone to do that, of course.

Frank, maybe a new discussion titled "Neck Reset Library"?


 Is there any particular information you would want us to add to our postings if you are going to ultimately move things to the .Com site?

From an older Conn dread:  Note that there is a pocket  for the neck heel, slightly routed into the body.  The dovetail pocket under the fingerboard extension is hard to miss...


Now there's a joint I've never seen before. Any idea on the type of glue used? Thanks for the post.

I just did a reset on a John Mayer OOO , I think it moved because there was a paper sticker down one side of the dovetail , also interesting that it's a dovetail with an option of a bolt , although no bolt was fitted. Looks like the router moved while cutting the body dovetail too !


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