I have a Stewart Wondertone that I need to take the neck off. I would like to know if it would be a dovetail or different type of joint. Also the truss rod has a very small nut buried deep in the head and  I am sure how to adjust it. Any wrenches I have will not work in that tight space.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I'd expect a dovetail

Yes it Is


Hi Charlie, that's very likely a Harmony-made instrument so you'd expect to see a traditional dt joint.  In fact, from my experience in taking apart 50s and 60s Harmony guitars, it should come out easily, since they seemed to use lousy glue ;-)

If you loosen the fb extension, you may be able to wiggle it out dry, otherwise it shouldn't take much steam.

Regarding the tr adjustment nut, I ground the appropriate socket to a very thin wall in order to fit it into the pocket, however, based on the photo, you may have to excavate a bit of wood to make it work, too.

I'm guessing this is an arch top guitar, so check to be sure the dome on the top where the bridge sits maintains its arch.  Many of these have 'sunk in' over the years and can be a weak spot in the structural integrity.  And it's a pain (at least for me) to access any braces inside for regluing if needed.

Maybe others will have a few more tips.

Good luck..


Yes it is a dt and did come apart easily. The top seems to have its ach.

Thank you


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