My customer has this old cutie, and I'm seeking new tuners & knobs.

The 6(on a plate) tuners measure 4 9/16" from E to E string post.

The knob shafts are very small, a shy 1/8"(.123").

Can anyone recommend good replacements that fit?

Thanks, Dave

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I should add, the knob shafts are split, and have a flat on one side.

I've got a real soft spot for those old cheese logs but parts can be a bear to locate.

Looks like there's enough of the tuners left to work with as none of the worm gear shafts appear broken.

Looks like those pots were maybe filed down to fit different knobs?

They might be standard split-shaft units.

Hi Dave, I see those tuners on eBay quite a bit, not too expensive.  Also, try this site devoted to Harmony guitar connoisseurs, friendly place and they're happy to help:  


Thanks for your replies. I ended up disassembling the tuners, cleaning everything, then reassembling and lubing them.  We'll see if they're adequate.

I'll check the Harmony site, for any leads on replacement knobs.

Robbie thanks, those are good links.  They don't specify if the knobs fit the 1/8" shaft, but I'll contact some of them.

I don't think the guitar will ever be valuable enough to not install some CTS pots.

Changing the pots is a good idea: what is the 'CTS'?


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