I am pleased to report that repairing cracks in Brazilian rosewood just got a lot easier:

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Shades of the "Red Green Show". Honestly, Howard, what sort of a search did you run to find this?

I looked up their site and found that they also make "mahogany" and "white oak" in wood designs. There's an electric guitar on the header of the home page with some of their tape decorating it. Rusty, this could really make your new line of guitar's "POP"!  

Love that show :)
Its a shame they dont make a narrow version for binding.

I'm thinking something like the "track panels" the petrol heads tape onto their car bonnets ("hoods" if you are a yankee) to make them go faster (1 square yard of stripes and panels is good for 25 horsepower).

I note that this BRW tape also  improves tone by at least 25%  when combined with a couple of Margarita's - whereas the original plastic "photo flame"  is only good for a 15% improvement in sonic boundary layer refractive primary and 3rd harmonic ray path enhancement.  

Note that there is also a marked improvement with this tape over the traditional use of fossilized ebony veneer and Himalayan goats horn glue when combined with semi quarter-sawn torrified sub-antarctic circle sinker spruce braces.

Excellent, will get a couple of rolls and see how it goes,


I'm holding off on any purchase until they offer it in Gaffer's tape. 

Gaff tape has a higher resonant frequency that Duct tape. The result is a nice tight bottom.

And who doesn't like a nice tight bottom? ;)

Have any of your girlfriends ever gotten the wrong idea when you started taping up their arse?


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