Has anyone  tryed the new Stew Mac heat stick method of neck removal?

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Thanks Paul I'll check it out

ordered the new soldering iron because they did not make the rod for my Weller gun.

They sent the gun fast but they forgot to include the stick.    I got the stick Friday and today I tried it and it did not work!

It was a junk guitar and  broke the small drill bit but got it out ok.  I heated and heated but no luck.

Then I wondered what kind of neck it was so I removed the fingerboard and found it was a doweled joint!

Then bored new holes and had no problem removing it! 

next guitar will be a dove tail joint ! 

I have a bunch of guitars to work on. a old parler guitar will be the next.


next was a old Kay. I heated and heated but no luck. The heater was in so long it had to have heated the wood so I reached in the sound hole and I had missed the neck block and the heater was out in the open so I burnted my fingeres  again rebored the holes  where they shold and removed it OK so next is a 1972 martin  0017 and all went well!\ except pulling the gun out of the hole I touched the gun again. Yep burned them again!

now I will sharpen my chisel and put some back together.

I am glad I spent the $200.00

A wiser  RON

Sorry for your burns but i do have admit  i chuckled abit

having done similar things .ive yet to purchase  the heat stick but your reports are encouraging  

the stick dosent have to be copper.  I think I will try some hevay wire  wire it to the out side of the gun .  I think it would work. I gtuess I dont have to try any thing else do I? 


I was thinking this. You can get a 3mm steel rod for pennies?

Well i just got in a nice early 60,s 0021-NY in the shop that needs a reset and i think im going to try this new method

so are guys saying that you can use that you can use other material for the heat stick it self?

The heat stick is based on something that Ian Davlin (who goes by Martinluthierking on instagram) came up with, using cartridge heaters to pull necks without steam. Here's a link to a video on his website, showing it in action:

DO NOT use brass or any other copper alloy to make it.

I tried to make a heatstick with brass and it wasn't conductive enough, and it turns out any copper alloys except for copper itself is a very poor conductor (I had assumed that copper alloys are at least a little less conductive compared to copper).

So I turned a piece of copper on a lathe and made a heat stick and it worked. However the copper is quite soft when heated to soldering iron temperature, it bent quite easily. I don't know what Stewmac used but copper does not "harden" like steel does when heated and quenched, not to mention the temperature of soldering iron would destroy any temper anyways. I had assumed it was phosphor bronze (because the stick looked similar) but Phosphor bronze has very little conductivity compared to copper, like 7%.


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