Polishing out a super glue crack fix on a satin finished guitar

A crack that was too wide for wood glue, and too thin for a splint...I used super glue to fix and fill the crack, and of course, after leveling and polishing, we have a shiny repair on a flat finish...Tried steel wool to dull it...Of course, no go....Thanks, in advance..

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It'd be interesting to see what eventually happened. The OP posted back in 2011, so plenty of time for the crack to reappear if, in fact, it did.  

It wasn't mentioned, but the crack may have been cleated well from the backside. 

Chad Gerbe...sorry, it wouldn't post a direct response to your question for me:

For Taylor, scrap level with a razor, use 1800 - 3200 micro mesh (wet sanded) then Mohawk Perfect Blend Satin 35-40 Sheen.

The Mohawk Perfect Blend is an exceptional product...

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 How can there be no photos with an enticing thread like this? Were are the Shots?


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