I have a fairly new Rickenbacker 330 on my bench.  The neck pickup has nearly no output, but measures the same as the bridge when disconnected and tested against the bridge pickup.  With what little bit I can hear, it's tone pot is also acting as a volume pot.  I checked everything against a diagram and everything looks to be in place.  I'm hoping somebody has an (oh I fixed that, here's what's going on) response for me.  Any guidance is much appreciated.  Thanks!

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I'm with Paul on this one now.  You have an intermittent problem and that says check and double check the big ticket items - the pickups - and if they are certifiable good, replace everything else.  

This problem has chewed up tons of time and you are no closer to a fix, and if you are in business that spells a loss. 

If it helps I just got ambushed by a MIJ Fender Jazzmaster which the factory had omitted the trem earth wire which earths the strings. The hole for the cable run was there, but that's all.    Not broken, not a cold joint, just not there at all.  Owner remarked it was a "bit noisy".



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