I have a 1979 Rickenbacker Bass model 4001 in my shop at the moment for a setup. Among other things the trussrod needs adjustment, and that's where the problems start: Rickys are rare in Germany, and although I knew from heresay and books that they have a double trussrod, I've never actually had a real one in my greasy fingers up until now :-) , and I'm not sure how to procede.
The first problem is: how do you adjust the two trussrods? how do they actually work in relation to one another? The second problem is the space (or lack thereof) to get some kind of socket onto the adjusting nuts: they sit directly on the wood in the trussrod cavity with no room at all underneath them. Can I risk using an openend wrench, and risk rounding the nuts off, or should I take some wood away to make more room, so I can use a socket? I'd be more comfortable leaving the wood in the neck cavity whole, there must be a better way. But which? Anybody out there with Ricky experience that could help out?
Just goes to show you can never know everything.....Still learning after 56 years :-)


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Sorry Grahame I misspelled it, it is "" when you get there click on forum and you will get all the info you want.
Thanks mate! Lots of good info there, I've saved it in my bookmarks for the next time a Rick owner walks into the shop. Maybe I'll learn to love Rickenbackers after all, but Ovation is definitly staying at the top of my sh*t list, no chance for them :-)



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