Hi everyone , this might be a stretch but I need a tuner for this old Rick steel guitar . Any ideas or offers ?

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Len, you might want to post this on the "steel without pedals" section of the Steel Guitar Forum... Lots of love there for the old Ricks! 

Great , thanks Steven


I did a quick search on Rickenbacher tuners using their search function, and there is some discussion about installing new tuners, but not so much on finding one old replacement. I would just post a question inquiring if anyone had just one old one.You may need to be a member to post. If you do not want to join (it is a great forum) I could post the question for you.

Be aware you have to pay to have posting privileges. Also they are quite adamant about knowing who you are. 

That said, it a great resource.

It costs $5 to join and that is for your lifetime. A good investment even if all you do is get a Rick tuner. As a Rick Bakelite lover, would love to see some pics of the front. Is the pickup 1.5" or 1.25 inches wide? Do the strings mount through the body or through a metal tailpiece? Rick lovers want to know.


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