Searching for 100k ohm pots for use with Seymour Duncan actives.

Here's the deal: scored a set of Duncans, the LW-CS1 Set from a guy on eBay.

Super deal, brand new, unused. This was over a year ago, and just now when I

scanned over them again in preparation for installation, noticed there was only

the one 100k pot that is required. I need two more, and am having a problem finding

a source. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks. 

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Do you know why they require 100K? Actives are probably fine with 25K , I think thats what EMG use .Len
Is there something special about these 100K pots? This is an extremely common value and Mouser or Digikey or MCM should have them. As far as replacing them with a different value as Len suggested I'd go higher before going lower as higher can only give a slight treble emphasis while lower can form an RC filter with the cable capacitance and filter out some of the highs - especially a 4:1 change - with normal manufacturing tolerances anything between 75-125K shouldn't be that noticable as long as you're close to the desired taper.

After I posted this I checked out the All Electronics site for other reasons and they have numerous 100K pots - both audio and linear - for less than $1.00 each.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm looking at some of those sites now. The only thing I know is that the SD site lists 100k pots in the schematic.I think I paid around $60 for the whole set, and other than missing the pots, still a good deal. I'm just not having much luck finding audio taper pots, split and splined to fit Fender Strat knobs.
Rockin' deal. Thanks a million.


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