Can anyone tell me what causes small splits in the Nitro finish .Or am I missing something in the finish like a hardener or what ever .They will show up the day after I buff it up?? Thanks for any help you can give me .Bill............

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It sounds like you are experiencing crazing/checking... I have had this happen when the instrument is subjected to rapid temperature changes, back in the day I used Sherwin-Williams lacquer that was designed for furniture... I have since moved Behlens, which as I understand it, have 'plasticers' in the formula, which allow the lacquer to expand and contract somewhat..

As to repairing your problem, I would probably try to shoot a coat of 50% lacquer reducer / 50% lacquer retarder, followed by a thinned coat of lacquer... 50/50 lacquer/reducer... allow it plenty of time to harden up, as the retarder slows drying time


Thanks Jack I am using a Lacquer made by Chemcraft  In. I buy it in 5 galons at a time .I am not having any problems with the back or sides just the tops. You could be right it may be a furniture type of  Lacquer I will have to check it out to see what is in it .P.S I can repair them alright but would sure like to know why it is just happening on the top woods. And I have a parlor Guitar that I finished two weeks ago and there is no sign of any problems with it. I can;t buy Behlens finish around here  Thanks for your input Jack .  Bill................. 

Aha!  Parlor guitar, that means furniture, so the laquer works on that!


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