When drilling steam holes for neck removal on a Martin D-1R , is it the same procedure as a dovetail ? It is a one piece mahogany neck , with a bolt . So am I still aiming for the gap at the end of the tennon ?

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Yep, or you can take that stupid bolt out, plug the hole with a cork and steam from there. . .

Thanks Frank , also notice the tapered neck block , so the back can't have much control over neck angle .

Make sure the neck angle problem is not from the side/lining/binding/back coming loose.

If it is, you may not need to take the neck out.

I made a simple, helpful tool for these. I got a 1" nylon bolt with thread that matches, drilled a hole down through the cap for my steam needle, and a hole crosswise through the threads 7/16" down from the cap, that intersects the lengthwise hole. Shoots steam right into the joint with less mess than any other way I've tried.

Cool stuff Greg , I did this the standard way and used the Stewmac neck press , all went as usual . I plugged the bolt hole with a tapered paint brush handle .

I am doing one of these today. Steamed out okay, but a bit of a wrestling match. The joint was tight and packed with glue.
Side question: I had a minor delamination of the side 1/2" at the top of the joint. Glue suggestions anyone?



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